What does Giselda offer?

Programmes that Expand

Diversity and Autonomy – Yr 6, Yr 11 and Yr 13

Security through Interconnection – Students, Teachers and Parents/Guardians

Self preservation – Primary care workers

Strengthening bonds – Mother and Daughter(s) in shifting family dynamics

Self care and Share – Private yoga and cooking lessons. Please note that these are strictly by mutual interview and only possible if values are aligned.

I offer specific programmes for unique individual needs.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and how I can best serve you.

I draw from my Malaysian Tamil roots of family and food, 30 years of traditional yoga practice and study. My belief through experience, the importance of cultural integration, inclusivity and mutual collaboration towards the benefit of all.

My extensive global travel adventures as an expatriate and mother.

My lifetime interest in expanding our human experience. Seeing the everyday phenomenal in the extra-ordinary!