Celebrate ‘Me’, ‘Us’, ‘We’

Bespoke, effortlessly fun, time-out sessions

Designed to include:

Body reconnecting Hatha/Yin flow
Gently closing with breathwork and self massage

Simple dough making and inspired food creating
The humble dough is transformed into delicious, global recipes to share and enjoy with friends and family

Time to eat together and explore a shared experience (see venue choices below)

– Co-creating participants leave each session with carefully ‘Me’ crafted tools
– Our sessions are simple and delicately designed to ensure each participant feels empowered and highly valued

We believe creating a self-loving, ritualised, internal space allows a deeper, richer, more nourishing outer human experience.

We champion working with co-creators who are firmly aligned to a community based planet.

– A multi cultural and socially integrated society is our ultimate goal!

Venues include:
– Charitable initiatives ie. urban farms
– Community spaces
– Nature reserves
– Vineyards and breweries
– Artisanal restaurants and cafes