Wellbeing Live 2017

I was invited to do a cookery demo for Health and Wellbeing Live.  I decided my Rye bread goreng recipe had to shown and shared.  I came up with this recipe for my childrens school lunch box.

Rye Bread Goreng recipe

A quick easy to cook, nutritious stir fry

Ingredients- Serves 2

2 tbsp rapeseed oil
1/2 red onion or 1 stalk spring onion sliced
2 pieces of organic Rye Bread- cut into bite sized pieces
100g smoked tofu
1 organic free range egg
1 stalk celery
Liquid aminos to taste
Quartered cherry tomatoes
Sea salt flakes and cracked black pepper to taste
Handful fresh parsley
Handful nuts of choice (optional)


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan
  2. Add onion- fry ’til slightly coloured
  3. Add Rye Bread and smoked tofu (or fresh fish/meat)
  4. When Rye Bread is crispy around the edges, move to the side and crack an egg into pan. Fry the egg ’til cooked
  5. Add chopped celery
  6. Add liquid aminos to taste
  7. Take off heat and add quartered cherry tomatoes
  8. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper
  9. Stir through fresh curly leaf parsely
  10. Garnish with toasted nuts (optional)


Jom Makan! (Let’s eat!)

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