Healing diets and going plant based

My kitchen is becoming a plant based healing sanctuary.   I started studying a mind expanding Healing Diets course and it has helped me in ways I never thought possible.  I distil my water, have a food dehydrator, going to slow press my homegrown wheatgrass.

I have been on a 3 day water only fast, a 7 day fresh lemon, maple syrup, cayene only fast and a green smoothie fast.  I have done an enema on myself (easy and very pleasant).  Increased my daily consumption of fresh greens, fruit, nuts and seeds.  Swapped refined sugar for maple syrup, mollases, dates, applesauce etc.

The fasts helped me recognise my emotional attachment to food, to understand and not feel guilt for comfort eating and to enjoy every thing that I put into my mouth. My body deserves the best!

My emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing increasing with every lesson.  I am grateful to Bonny Casel of London Institute of Natural Medicine.  A course I have been wanting to do for some years and finally started in November 2017.

My Friday takeaway reflects my love of plant based meals.  I prefer to cook and sell what I truly believe is the best for my customers.  Ensuring I use the highest quality ingredients to produce tantalising Southeast Asian dishes, meat and dairy free.

I am not purely vegan, in fact, I am not purely anything.  I am just Giselda, who follows an evidence plant based diet daily and indulges in nostalgic food cravings from time to time.  As someone who is genuinely curious about the cultures and food trends of others, I would not be able to refrain from tasting local dishes that are not purely plant based and dairy free on my many travels.

I also gain inspiration to create my plant based meals from tasting all different types of food.  London being my main taste center!  I am and always will be, a curious food tasting world traveller.   The lucky one, who grew up in a household of fantastic cooks in Malaysia, a country of diversity in food, religion and race.

I believe a fresh organic locally sourced plant based diet excluding meat, dairy, seafood, sugar, processed food is best for optimal health.  I practice this in my daily life.  I have seen an amazing increase in my energy levels and overall health.  I sleep better at night too.  My yoga asana’s are easier to execute and my mind less foggy for meditation.

I am looking forward to learning more about the goodness of humble plants, herbs, spices.  I cannot wait to create delicious recipes to share.

Here’s to a cleaner, healthier mid life growth 🙂 !!!

Love, peace and gratitude always

Giselda  – Giselda’s Food, It’s not only what you put in, it’s what you don’t!!

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