Giselda’s Self Treats

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

A space where I humbly share the little Treats that increase my everyday joy.

Why (Why Not!) – Self Treat?

A soothing balm, an unconditional friend, a non judgemental ‘stop’ time…..

A time to cherish ‘ME’ – and all those who step into my space:)

  • Treating my body with the delicious food I cook, Nourishing
  • Delicate smelling oils I choose for the sensuous lotions I create, Tantalising
  • Focused yoga asana’s I favour to align with my breath, Connecting
  • Expanding my knowledge through ideas writers of books choose to share, Affirming
  • Glorious music that I allow to vibrate through my entire being, Rejuvenating

Huge Gratitude to all the Penguins who step into my space – all your nudges are soul expanding!

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