Power Up and Move!

Ritualise your next pre – movement with this power packed blendie… Self made Self blended Self treat Juicy Oranges, Unwaxed Lemon, Fair Trade Bananas, Coconut Kefir, Shelled Hemp, Himalayan Pink Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Va Va Voom!

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Size really doesn’t matter, A True ‘Badass’ comes in all sizes! A reminder that we can make an impact no matter how big or small our intentions are – just ensure they enhance everyone. Self made, Self filled, Self treat. Organic ghee, pink Himalayan sea salt, mixed nuts/sesame seeds filling a luscious Medjool date. Delicious,…

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Breathe and Connect!

A Self made Self treat gift to Self during the Self imposed solitude of the last few months! A little spray reminder that I am surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth. Sensuous, Uplifting, Smile inducing,

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Giselda’s Self Treats

Welcome and thank you for visiting. A space where I humbly share the little Treats that increase my everyday joy. Why (Why Not!) – Self Treat? A soothing balm, an unconditional friend, a non judgemental ‘stop’ time….. A time to cherish ‘ME’ – and all those who step into my space:) Treating my body with…

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A Nutty Christmas Fudge

Ingredients 1 Can of condensed milk 50g Dark Chocolate Handful of nuts, toasted and chopped Method Bring condensed milk to a gentle bubble Stir condensed milk until it thickens and leaves the sides (as shown below) Turn off the heat and add broken pieces of chocolate Once chocolate is melted, add chopped nut pieces, leaving…

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Lord of the Sliders

Ingredients Method You can add a pinch or more of chilli powder or fresh chopped chillies.Off heat, cut buns in half and fill!! 

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Macaroni Cheese Lover (cheekily vegan!)

Super easy Vegan Macaroni and Cheese Ingredients- Serves 1 100g Macaroni (or other similar sized pasta) 1 large fresh broccoli or cauliflower sliced 1 whole tinned butter beans with water, puréed Hard vegan cheese, grated Mixed dried oregano and thyme, to taste Salt and pepper, to taste Method Whilst pasta is cooking I add chilli…

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