The Satvic Cooks

This page shares a brief story behind Giselda’s experience with ‘Feed’ and information on how you can book a cooking lesson.

Satva is an internally balanced and peaceful being.

Giselda grew up in Malaysia, enjoying food from its diverse cultural melting pot. Her family are skilled home cooks, and she learnt to cook at a very young age helping her grandmother prepare delicious family meals from simple store cupboard ingredients.

Her global expat life allowed for her to experience a wide range of food cultures and further enhance her cooking skills. She is an expert at combining available local ingredients, producing mouthwatering dishes.

Giselda cooked for bespoke events in Wiltshire, and owned an organic Vegan cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

We offer:
– Carefully crafted menus
– Globally inspired recipes
– Locally sourced, fresh ingredients

Treat yourself or others to our effortlessly fun cooking lessons – a unique gift idea! Get in touch to find out more as we prefer to do things bespoke.