Yin Yoga with Giselda

This page shares a brief story behind Giselda’s experience with ‘Move’ and information on how you can book your private yoga lessons.

Giselda is a certified multi-disciplinary yoga instructor, whose yoga mat has been her safe space for 23 years.
As a student of yoga, her first instructor was a 75-year old British man in a community hall in Folkestone. Following this a Swiss yogi in Tripoli, a German yogi in Shanghai and a Varanasi yogi in Kuala Lumpur. A chance encounter on an island in her home country Malaysia encouraged her to pursue yoga teacher training in Dharamshala, India.

Giselda then spent the next few years teaching yoga privately and deepening her knowledge of yogic philosophy with her insatiable curiosity.

An instructor whose daily being is enriched with the essence of yoga, she celebrates this ancient art with newbies and experienced yogis alike. Giselda focuses on yin yoga, which is a quiet, calming practice that gently stretches the facia and ligaments. Yin also enhances inner awareness through breath and longer time spent in poses.

Please reach out to book your incredible yoga experience, we cater to all types of mobility! You can come to my yoga space for your lesson or have it in the comfort of your own home.

– Each session is personalised, solo and 1 hour
– Quiet, calming Yin Asanas
– Self-loving and strengthening, think of it like treating yourself to a massage

– £75

These yoga sessions also make a fantastic gift!