‘She will travel far and wide’ said the blind fortune teller.  My cousin Sylvester remembers this clearly and never fails to repeat it when we are all together at family gatherings.

We were teenagers,  I was 14, visiting an elderly neighbour when I was given this information.  ‘Really?’ I thought, filing it at the back of my mind.  I could barely afford to travel to Singapore.

Fast forward a few years,  at 21, I travelled to Australia and New Zealand.

Then to England, Malawi, France, Turkey, Libya, back to England, Shanghai and Malaysia before returning to England.

My journey with world food begin with my love for travel, people and culture.

I remember being offered sun dried grasshoppers by a lovely Malawian lady who invited me into her mud hut.

Watching John Lewis, the house boy, cook Nsima for his lunch.

Learning how to make ‘Ek Mek’ with the villager who didn’t speak a word of English in remote Turkish, Artvin.

Lovely wine tasting and food in various parts of France.

Tai Tai lunches with my glamorous Hong Kong, Chinese friend in Shanghai.

Our lovely helper, Fatimah, cooking delicious cous cous with chickpea and chicken nearly everyday for lunch when I was pregnant with my Tara.

Then back home to Malaysia for 4 years.  Running a 100% organic vegetarian cafe and sharing gorgeous meals with beloved family and friends.