Project: ‘We Hear You!’

Showcasing the local

We are spotlighting local businesses to produce an Instagram (@giseldagabrielfelix) video series about the roles we hold in our communities and how it feels to be a part of the world as it is today.

This involves a short 121 with Maya to get to know each other and then recording an Instagram video to showcase YOU. Questions will be agreed in advance and the video will be posted when collaborators are satisfied.

If ‘We Hear You’ sounds right up your street, reach out 🙂

Giselda’s champions inclusivity and this video series actively seeks collaborations with businesses owned by differently-abled, minority ethnic, LGBT+, women and non-binary, previously incarcerated individuals/groups.

However, if you are a passionate individual or work for someone and would also like to get involved, please get in touch!