Feel Alive with Giselda’s Yoga

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Yoga in the Himalayas

An encounter on a paradise island in Malaysia with a fellow life enthusiast led to a month intensive level 1 Hatha yoga and meditation teacher training in Dharamkot. High up in the stunning Himalayas.

I have been practicing yoga for 25 years. It helped me “Feel Alive’ again when my marriage suddenly ended. I remember practising my Surya Namaskar without fail everyday!

Yoga helped me return to myself. To reach deep and bring out my best. I only had myself to turn to. As my body folded deeper into each asana, I felt empowered again.

I want to share this incredible experience with others. It is truly wondrous to fall in love with ones self again and to learn to enjoy lifes simple pleasures and gifts: Breath, this amazing body, animals, nature.

Namaste ❤